Shaped Windows

When you’ve got a feature window in your home, or if your home is a little out of the ordinary and all its windows have their own style, we can help. Since we founded the business we’ve been making windows to suit all sorts of openings – from simple arched-head windows, to circles and quadrants. We can handle Gothic arches, polygons or any number of entirely custom shapes.

  • Porthole shaped windows
  • Semi-circles and quadrants
  • Gothic and D-shaped arches
  • Trapezoid shapes
  • Octagons
  • Triangles

Because we know that it’s important to achieve a consistent finish, we use the same profiles to make both shaped and conventional windows. That way we know that you’ll have a perfect match and high performance standards. We’ll take detailed measurements and discuss your exact requirements to ensure that your new windows will fit perfectly and look fabulous in your home.

All of our products hold the CE marking declaration which can be download below.